Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds with Keli Goff, Part 1

For tonight's Conversations with Great Minds - Thom Hartmann is joined by blogger - political commentator - and author Keli Goff. You've probably seen her on several television programs - offering up her political and cultural insight on CNN - MSNBC - Fox - and BET. And her writing has been featured in Time magazine - Cosmpolitan - and Essence - as well as the New York Times and USA Today. Her first book - "Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence" received critical acclaim documenting the rise of "Generation Obama." And her most recent book - out just this year - a fictional work entitled "The GQ Candidate" has been labeled a recommended summer read by the Los Angeles Times. Currently she is a contributing editor and columnist to "" - and a contributor to the Huffington Post