Secrets To Happiness Revealed (w/ Harald Eia)

What are the secrets to happiness? Thom Hartmann asks Herald Eia, a comedian from one of the happiest places on earth!

How worried is the world about the United States? The leader of the free world is being seen by many as a joke society and on the wrong track. And the US is less free than t may think, according to Norway based Harald Eia.

Harald Eia joined Thom to disclose how the US is seen from Europe and what he thinks should be done.

Harald Eia is a sociologist & TV host / his Ted Talk: "Where In The World Is It Easiest To Get Rich" has been seen over 1.9 million times.

Harald Eia is a Norwegian comedian, who truly loves the United States. He is one of the most prolific comedians, not only to his generation but all time in Norway.