Great Minds P1 - The Two Santa Claus Theory Exposed

If the 2016 presidential race has proven anything - it's that for Republicans - the facts simply don't matter. Since day one of his campaign - Donald Trump has been making stuff up - and he's now - according to some polls - beating Hillary Clinton - someone who's inarguably one of - if not the most - qualified person ever to run for president. This is shocking - but it should surprise absolutely no one. The Republican Paryt has been living in a world outside the bounds of reason for a long time now. What we're seeing now is just the culmination of a decades-long trend. Which raises the question - how did we get in the situation we're in right now - where one political party, the conservative one, lives in a fantasy world? Joining me now for tonight's Conversations with Great Minds is JP Bernbach - author of the new book "Beyond Reason: Debunking Conservative Lies, Delusions, and Falsehoods and What You Really Need to Know Before You Vote." JP is a board member of the Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century - a former spokesperson for the Democrats Abroad.

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