Conversations w/Great Minds - Norm Pattiz - The Story of the Media

For tonight's Conversations with Great Minds - I speak with two radio industry leaders - Norm Pattiz and Michael Harrison. Last week I was in New York for the annual Talker's Convention - and I had the pleasure to sit down with Norm Pattiz. Norm is a broadcasting entrepreneur - a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame - and Founder of Courtside Entertainment Group. He's also the founder and former chairman of radio giant Westwood One and founder of Podcast One. Norm was appointed by both President Clinton and President George W. Bush to sit on the board of the Broadcasting Board of Governors - which oversees all U.S non-military broadcasting services - including The Voice of America - Radio Free Europe - Radio Liberty - Middle East Broadcasting and others. And - he's the chairman of Lawrence Livermore National Security, which runs Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. For our conversation - I started by asking him about how media has changed over the years and what the "story" of the media is today