Conversations w/Great Minds - Michael Harrison - The State of Political Talk Radio

For our next conversations with great minds we go to Michael Harrison - President and Founder of Talkers' Magazine. Harrison is considered one of the leading experts on the talk radio industry - and can often be seen on TV talking about the state of political talk radio in America. In our conversation - I started by asking him where he thinks the talk radio industry is today. The reason I was in New York last Friday was because I was honored at the 2014 Talkers Magazine Convention with their "Gene Burns Memorial Award for Freedom of Speech." According to Talkers, "the award recognizes broadcasting excellence in raising consciousness and awareness of the First Amendment - displaying courage and commitment in exercising First Amendment rights and contributing to the viability of the First Amendment through deed and example." Michael Harrison - Founder and Publisher of Talkers introduced me - and I gave a short speech after accepting the award.