Conversations w/ Great Minds - Rep. Ron Paul - About "Too Big to Fail" Banks

For tonight's special edition of Conversations With Great Minds - I'm joined by Dr. Ron Paul. From 1976 until 1985 and again from 1997 until 2013 - Dr. Paul was the U.S. Representative for Texas' 22nd and 14th Congressional Districts. He has run for President three times - most recently in 2012 - and is the founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity - as well as the Ron Paul Channel - which debuted last week. Dr. Paul is one of our country's most outspoken advocates for limited government and free-market economics and is the author of a number of books on those subjects - including his most recent - "The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education. He also has started a new media channel The Ron Paul Channel.